Like glue.



Oliver the Dog and Arashi the Cat: the cutest best friends ever!

Photos by ©izumiechan - Via BuzzFeed


I can’t link this correctly because I’m on my phone, but these photos are by Amanda Watters of her sweet home.

(Fuente: dssgn)

Fill this in with stuff about you
  • Age: 18
  • Where I'm from: Chihuahua, México
  • Where I would like to live: Scotland, London, New Jersey or any cold place.
  • Favorite food: Pizza 4 ever
  • Religion: Believe in god
  • Sexual orientation: straight
  • Single/taken: I'm a single lady
  • Favorite book: Nothing by Teller Janne
  • Favorite TV show: Bob's Burger, Daria, The Simpson...
  • Favorite band/singer: Franz Ferdinand & My Chemical Romance
  • Random fact about me: I'm 1/4 chinese. I don't want kids in the future and I'm so into eyebrows. These and eyes are the first things I see about people and my favorite parts of the face.
  • Favorite day of the year: Any day in october, november or december. Love cold days.
  • Favorite colour: blue & black
  • If I have any pets: 1 dog, 3 cats.
  • What I’m listening to right now: Sea of Love by Cat Power
  • What’s my ringtone: Evil eye by Franz Ferdinand
  • Favorite male character from a TV show: Matthew Gray Gubler
  • Favorite female character from a TV show: emm, don't have
  • What my name means: a precious stone
  • Favorite superhero: Batman